Meeting Montana’s
Energy Needs

There is no doubt that Montana is a unique place. From the vast distances between our communities, to the extreme temperature fluctuations of our seasons, to the grit and determination of our people, there is no place like Montana.

Our energy needs are also unlike those of other states. That is why Colstrip and the Colstrip Transmission System are vital for Montanans. Energy sources are not equal, and Colstrip is an important part of the energy balance while we transition to a cleaner energy future. Without Colstrip and the Colstrip Transmission System, Montana would be in the dark – literally. With cold winters, hot summers, and Montana’s energy requirements, Colstrip is critical to keeping lights on, heaters running, and air conditioners cooling at an affordable price.

Colstrip brings low-cost rates for Montanans, keeping energy affordable for our residents. Colstrip means 24/7 energy that can be relied on, regardless of circumstances such as weather, like our historic 2018/2019 winter. Colstrip also means millions of dollars toward Montana schools and hundreds of jobs that support thousands of Montana workers and strengthen our communities and economy. The Colstrip Transmission System is our energy backbone. Montana needs Colstrip.

About the Montana Energy Security Act of 2019

The Montana Energy Security Act of 2019 will help ensure the ability to provide Montanans with affordable, reliable energy.

The Montana Energy Security Act of 2019 would allow NorthWestern Energy to acquire a share of up to 150 megawatts of Colstrip Unit 4 for $1. This will give Montana greater control over Colstrip and its future. It is well-recognized that the policy of states such as Washington and Oregon seek the retirement of Colstrip in its entirety, and Montana must have a greater ownership interest in Colstrip to protect Montanans and their ability to have affordably priced, reliable energy.

Colstrip is vital for
Montana’s energy needs.

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